Zen master in USA (Muyō-ju Bodhi Ken)

Olaf StrelcykOlaf received Dharma transmission in the Bodhi Sangha lineage from Ama Samy in 2018 and was appointed as Zen master. He grew up in Germany, where he started practicing Zen with Stefan Bauberger in 2001. He has studied with Ama Samy since 2008 in Europe, the US, and during extended stays at Bodhi Zendo in India.

Olaf studied physics in Germany and did a PhD in psychoacoustics in Denmark. He has lived in the US since 2009, doing research on hearing impairment and hearing aids. While living in Berkeley, CA, he also studied with Diane Eshin Rizzetto. He now lives in Cincinnati with his partner Nicky, where they both live and communicate Zen. To find out more about their activities, please visit