Zen masters who left the Bodhisangha

Johannes Fischer (Clear Light Bodhi Ken)

Born 1957 in Germany, studied Theology and Philosophy und was engaged in the international peace and human rights movement. 1983 he entered the Order of the Jesuits. In this context he built up social projects in different countries of the world and also was active as a social worker for refugees. After many years he left the Jesuits and married. Today Johannes Fischer works as a psychotherapist and coach.

While being a Jesuit, Johannes followed the ignation spirituality and the contemplative way of Franz Jalics. But it was Zen which first gave him the experience “to come home”. He became a disciple of Fr. Ama and 2012 he got transmission and the title of a Zen master. Nowadays Johannes has left the Bodhisangha and built up his own sangha.

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Stefan BaubergerDr. Stefan Bauberger S.J. (Blue Mountain)

Stefan is teaching Zen meditation since more than 10 years. He was a disciple of Fr. Ama and got transmission and the appointment as a Zen master from him. Stefan is a priest and a member of the Jesuit order. He studied Theology and Physics and is teaching as a professor at the university for Philosophy in Munich, Germany.

10 years ago, Stefan Bauberger left the Bodhisangha and began to build up his own Zen tradition, the school of the heart ground.

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