A worldwide network of Zen practitioners

Bodhi Sangha is the name of the worldwide network of Zen practitioners and disciples of the Indian Zen master Fr. AMA Samy and his successors.

Bodhi Sangha members come from many different countries all over the world. They train together in a spirit of sisterhood/brotherhood. Their groups are open to all people who want to meditate together. Bodhi Sangha profoundly supports the South Indian Zen center of Fr. AMA Samy, Bodhi Zendo in Perumalmalai, and the work of Little Flower for social projects for marginalized people in India.

Sangha in a traditional sense means a community of the followers of Buddha, in the past the order of ordained Buddhist monks or nuns. Today and especially in Western countries, sangha also refers to laypeople who are practising in a Buddhist or Zen spirit. The original meaning of bodhi is awakening. Buddha came to awakening under a bodhi tree. Bodhi describes the realisation of emptiness as the true nature of the universe and of the non-duality of world and Self, nirvana and samsara.

If you are interested in Zen meditation, please feel invited to come in contact with a group in your country or town! On the following pages you’ll find meditation groups,  contact persons and sitting dates:

Only for the intern communication and sharing between sangha members, you can use the